The Joy of Giving.

The Joy of Giving.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anthony Fighting CMV

I didn't realize I hadn't posted an update about the pneumonia. I appologize. The biopsy did show that he as a virus called CMV. Not good for bone marrow transplant recipients. He has been fighting it since my last post and continues the battle. He was admitted into the hospital for awhile but is now back home. The only help they have been able to give him is a drug that reduces the speed at which the virus reproduces. It has been an awful struggle for him, but he is finally doing a touch better. Not everyone makes it through having this virus with such a low immune system.

It seems that the drugs they have had him on have increased his nausea & vomiting, created loss of hearing in one ear (which they say should come back once he is off the meds, ... we all hope), and just contributed to his overall unwellness. However, we are thankful for all the modern medicine that has given him a second chance at life. And we are immensely thankful to each and every one of you who have sent your prayers our way and helped reduce suffering, increase hope, and provide us strength during this time. Thank you.

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