The Joy of Giving.

The Joy of Giving.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Done with Full Body Radiation

Anthony is now done with his full body radiation treatments. Hooray! He has one more intense chemo treatment tomorrow then they will give his body time to get the chemo out of his system before receiving the bone marrow transplant on Tuesday December 11.  Due to scheduling difficulties with radiation they had to move the day from the 10th to the 11th.

We are hoping the transplant goes smoothly and that he doesn't get the 'rejection' sickness where the new bone marrow and the body reject.  I keep having the Carpenters song run through my mind, 'We've Only Just Begun' (just that line). :-) We are so happy Anthony has made it this far and yet we know there is so much more to come.....Recovery if things go well with the transplant are typically 1 full year...Talk about a long time to feel like you have the flu. We have high hopes of a quicker recovery. The doctor told him since he is young and strong..he may recover by about the 8 month mark.

Little Jack (Anthony's son) has had a cold so he has not been able to visit Anthony in the hospital; until today. They allowed Brit to take him in to see him just briefly. They said once Anthony becomes Nuetropenic- that it will be too risky for Jack to see him. So they wanted to let him see him now before Anthony hits that stage.

Anthony has been doing pretty well. He remains optimistic, and I can still joke around with him. :-)

The recently found out that the Bone Marrow Donor is not British, like they originally thought....but he is a 19 year old German boy. We just can't thank this anonymous donor enough! It truly is the gift of life! What greater gift could one give. This donor has also chosen to donate directly from his bone because the doctor told him this increases a positive outcome for the receiver. This is more painful for the donor but it was totally his choice. I think that is impressive.

I hope you all are well this Holiday Season! Thank you again for your prayers! They are felt. Thank you!

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