The Joy of Giving.

The Joy of Giving.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strength in Family

We had the pleasure to visit with Anthony and Brittany over Thanksgiving. As you can see Anthony's hair has begun to grow back since his last round of chemotherapy. The funny thing is that it is growing back darker.

We had a lot of fun with Anthony and his family. As you can see Brittany is incredible at remaining optimistic and having fun. Both Anthony and Brittany have kept their humor and smiles through all that they have been through. We couldn't ask for somebody better than Brittany to help Anthony through what lies ahead. During the visit Anthony was happy and played alot with all the Roring Grandkids. They love him (and his 'big-brotherly' teasing style). He got sick for awhile but quickly bounced back...always seeming more concerned for others than himself.

Anthony will be admitted to the hospital on Monday December 3rd where he will begin the most intense chemo and radiation possible in order to prep his body for the bone marrow transplant that will take place on Dec. 10 (if he tolerates the chemo and radiation).  We know that he is strong and we want him to know that his family and so many friends all support him 100% and he will be in so many prayers while he goes through this....knowing that the faith and strength of all of us will go out to him and Brittany during this time!  We stand United, providing all we can to help bear him up.

Thanks go out to all of YOU who have been willing to 'Share the Love' and Light you have within to strengthen my family during this time!  I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to see so much good in this world-through all of you. Thank you!        -Sincerely, Nicole

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