The Joy of Giving.

The Joy of Giving.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Past the 1 Year Mark!

Hooray!  Anthony has passed another statistically significant point in time! Back in December he passed his one year mark since he received his bone-marrow transplant, putting him in a greater chance of survival bracket. Though he has had to fight 'common' sicknesses that last a lot longer than normal, he is doing well.

He is back at work and loving the time he gets to spend with his son Jack and wife Brittany (Sometimes when he is fighting sickness, his employer allows him to work from home. AWESOME Employer!)  He and his family are happy and well.

The next bracket we are shooting for is the 2 year mark, 'Go 2014'!

Thank you all! I hope you are ALL doing well, and I send my love out to all of you this Valentines Day.


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