The Joy of Giving.

The Joy of Giving.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello All.
Thank you again for all those who have e-mailed me offering to participate. The horseshoe necklaces are still in the process (Apparently I have chosen an item that is high in demand, and 'Montana Silversmiths' are back-ordered on some currently...I am still trying to obtain more.) Also, I have just ordered some glow-in-the-dark wristbands just in case there are those out there that would rather not wear a rhinestone necklace. :) The wristbands come in blue or white and say, "Unite the Light and Hope Shines Bright" with a symbol of a horseshoe. Many people together can provide greater strength to those who may otherwise stand alone. I felt that we are trying to give hope and light to Anthony and that this would be a fun way to show our support. There is an Adult size and a youth size. You can e-mail me if you would like to pre-order one of these. I am requesting a minimum donation of $10/band for the youth size and $12/band for Adult. In your email please indicate the color you would like (the youth size only comes in blue, both blue and white are glow-in-the-dark).
This picture is just an example. The words will not look like they are shown here: They will be larger and set-in. I anticipate receiving these wristbands by June 6, 2012. Thank you again. I should know more tomorrow on the necklaces. 

When I last spoke with Anthony he said that Chemotherapy is going well. The hospital has him taking extra precautions to avoid some of the negative side-effects. He remains positive.

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